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This is a private fanfiction community for Kouga Yun's Loveless
Welcome to Seven Voices Loveless Fanfiction Community. This is priestess_grrrl's private fanfiction discussion comm for Kouga Yun's Loveless. It is a sister comm to lovelessdiscuss. We read and discuss Loveless fanfiction in depth. If you are a creative Loveless fic writer or reader and you are interested in becoming a member, please comment here, and include a link with an example of your writing, or why you would like to join. Please understand that this comm is not for everyone and we have moderated membership. It is not so much a place for concrit or "learning to write better fanfic" as it is a discussion comm, generally focused on characterization. Please note that we are not interested in fic that glorifies or decriminalizes any of the villainous characters in Loveless, nor are we much into SeimeixRitsuka or RitsuxSoubi, so if that is your thing, I suggest you look elsewhere. If you have a blank journal, you are under 18, or you do not leave a comment, you will not be considered for membership. All entries are friends-locked. Thank you.